Art 3 Final Portfolio

Art 3 Final Portfolio

1) I think that my most successful project was the Intertextuality one. For this project, we had to take an existing text or concept and add a twist to it. My idea was to create a parody of the book Twilight. The cover of the actual book has a group of hands holding an apple. I thought it would be interesting to change this and have the hands holding an iPhone, or a product by the company Apple. To do this, I first took a picture of another student's hands holding an iPhone, and edited it on Photoshop to make it look like the cover of a book. I then created the spine of the book. After this, I printed it out, folded it, and wrapped it around the actual Twilight book. I believe that this was my most successful project because the end result turned out even better than I had anticipated. It looked like an actual cover of a book, and I did not have too much difficulty making it. I also was able to learn a lot about Photoshop along the way.

2) The project that I overcame the most obstacles in was definitely the Perspective project. For this project, I did an anamorphic drawing of pointe shoes. The main obstacles with this project was getting the proportions correct, drawing the shadows correctly, and shading the shoes accurately. Photoshop and my phone camera both proved to be very helpful during this project. I was able to take a picture of a drawing of the shoes in the correct proportions, and change these proportions on Photoshop. I changed them so that when I looked at the drawing from a certain angle, it looked as if the shoes were standing up. I then used this drawing as a reference for when I created the final product. I also used my phone camera to check every now and then for whether I was shading and drawing the shoes and shadows correctly. I think that this project has really allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone because I had never done anything like this before. Taking risks is certainly important in art, and I feel like this project has helped me develop my skills as an artist.

3) The first piece that shows my growth as an artist is my Time as an Element project. I had created a colored pencil drawing of a road going in between several buildings. As the road went off into the distance, the drawing went from old to new, and from black and white to color. I believe that the way that I showed 'time' in this project demonstrated my ability to think in a novel way. I also think that my technique in this project improved as I kept working. I drew very small circles with colored pencil in order to create a smoother and uniform look. Perspective is another major aspect of this drawing. All of the buildings, the road, and the cars had to be in one-point perspective. Lastly, this project required much effort and patience as it took plenty of time to complete. The second piece of art that I would like to discuss is my Layers project. My idea for this was to cut out pieces of foam boards, paint art supplies and cut their shapes out accordingly, and put the foam boards together to create a 'box of art supplies'. This is certainly one of my more creative projects because it is different from the usual drawing or painting. The materials that I used also differed from my previous projects. For example, I used foam boards and an exact-o-knife. My technique was to paint with neat and definite shapes so that I could obtain a realistic look. Overall, I think these projects improved my general technique and creative thinking.

4) A semester in Art 3 has allowed me to grow tremendously as an artist. I was given the opportunity to put all my ideas into different pieces of art. I think that the reason that I was able to improve greatly over the semester was because I was given a lot of freedom to do almost anything I wanted to for every project. The only requirement was that the project followed the theme; other than that, I was on my own. The ability to choose my own subject and materials has allowed me to explore different methods of art and move beyond my comfort zone. For example, I used computer art to do my Intertextuality project, paint to do both my Text with Culture and Layers project, and colored pencil for my Perspective and Time as an Element project. In addition to this diversity of materials, every project's concept was unique its own way. I can undoubtedly see an improvement in my art skills and expansion of my novel thinking from the beginning to the end of Art 3. 

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