Thursday, September 12, 2013

Text Project

For my text project, I wanted to pick a topic, such as clothes, food, or art, that is diverse among different cultures. I decided to use fashion as my topic because it is interesting to see how unique and different each culture's clothing is. I chose to use acrylic paint on a canvas to do this project, because I am familiar with how to use it, and acrylic paint is very bold and stands out. In order to incorporate text, I drew very large price tags and connected them to each attire, and I wrote the country that the clothing belonged to on top of the price tag in the country's main language. I did not take many risks with this project, but I was a little unsure about how the spacing of the clothes would look in the end. However, I am satisfied with the placement of all the clothes and price tags in the final product. I believe that this project greatly conveys how diverse cultures are across the world, especially in fashion and languages. 

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