Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time as an Element: Road to the Future

For the 'Time as an Element' project, my first idea was to choose a room in the house and demonstrate how the room has changed over the years (for example: comparing a kitchen in the 1800's to now). However, the project was a little too difficult, and I could not find proper examples of the room in the time periods that I wanted to use. I then came across another idea, which is the one that I went with. I wanted to draw a road with buildings on either side that would range from old to new as you traveled across the road. The buildings at the beginning would be old, and therefore black and white. As you moved forward, the black and white would gradually change to color, and the buildings would become more modern. I also wanted to add cars on the road that would gradually become newer as you moved along the road.

 After planning out the drawing, I began the final product by drawing out all the buildings, the road, and the cars. I then started coloring the drawing with colored pencils. I am a fan of colored pencils, and I really wanted to use Prismacolor colored pencils (which I had never used before), so I decided to use them as my medium.

The technique that I used was to color in a small circular motion. The reason I did this was that it would give the drawing a uniform and smoother look.

I did not take too many risks in this project, but I did have some difficulties along the way. For example, I had to make sure that all the buildings, the road, and the cars were in the right perspective. The buildings and road were not much of a problem, but the cars were quite tough to draw in the correct perspective. I ended up taking a picture of a toy car to use as an example.

I think that the main characteristics of art that I used are technique, concept, and medium. Colored pencils were my medium, the circular motion used to color in the drawing was technique, and the concept was going from the past to the future. Overall, the project took a while to complete, but I was mostly satisfied with the end result.

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